Pride Launch Case Study

Pride Launch is an amalgam of different recruiting and on-boarding processes combined into one online presence that transitions all the different recruiting duties from one type of user to another.


The problem with recruiting new people is all the different people that need to approve and on-board a new employee. The processes are slow, varied, inconsistent, and rely on too many different people and their own idiosyncratic behaviors, both online and off.

An online on-boarding site should be seamless, transition from one user to another quickly, and keep a well organized archive of different processes and what stage they are at.


Create a responsive website that keeps tabs on every recruitment process and what stage they are currently at. The site should also e-mail whichever user’s turn it is to review and approve the new prospective employee.


It was very important to keep track of user flow. On-boarding was a process that required many users and types of users on the sight to complete.


Pride Launch needed to stay within the brand language of Pride Global but also take on it’s own unique color and sub-brand known as ‘Launch’. I created many different unique logos for the Pride Global to select from. After that, I presented a few different design templates to choose from. After their choice was made, I established a style guide for the entire website.


Pride Launch is being slowly rolled out in stages due to it’s large amount of features and is currently being tested by a few dozen of Pride Global’s core clients. The reviews on my interface design is unanimously positive.

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